Time travel to #Inktober

I just wanted to post these to the ole blogerino just to have them all in one spot. These are the ones I did when I was in Florida and had to use Instagram instead of a scanner. Most of them are from X-factor, one is from when we went to Sleepy Hollow before Halloween and while I was waiting for our flight to Florida, I transformed our plane. There is also a couple of amalgamated animals, so enjoy our time-jaunt to #intober past.

1381230_10152117980828265_340355557_n 1005342_10152130214368265_1294184321_n 1379456_10152135253263265_1964721789_n 1391768_10152139125323265_72579353_n 1003027_10152142811113265_388207165_n 1374973_10152146444723265_546500732_n 1376989_10152150482358265_427321736_n 1422439_10152158808908265_923174930_n 1384168_10152123315173265_1192133943_n

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Danny 1- Cancer 0!

Just found out this morning that my step-uncle Danny’s cancer is now in complete remission.

When first diagnosed it didn’t look too hopeful, but there is one thing about Pownells;  they don’t know how to give up. My step dad doesn’t have that word in his vocabulary and apparently neither does his brother. I don’t know if it’s something in the West Virginia water or if a steady diet of venison makes you extra hearty but Danny turned it around and sent it packing. So this goes out to Richelle, Renee, DeAnna, all their grandkids, Kay, Butch, Becky and finally Danny who got the last laugh.


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That’s a wrap on #Inktober 2013 – also Happy Halloween

The following are the costumes that stick out in my mind from the earliest one to the last.

  1. Yes that is indeed a yellow bunny costume. Just take it easy I was 6.
  2. With a bullet is classic Ben Cooper Godzilla costume. Despite being the cheapest costume on the list at the time I couldn’t have been happier to put on that thin plastic mask that chaffed the under part of my nose and gave me a paper cut on my chin.
  3. The bat head one I had to look up because I think they only sold these for one year and were then discontinued. It’s quite possible that the NAACP ended it because to blend my face into the mask I had to wear black face and the name of the brand was Kooky Spooks.
  4. Is the Headless Horseman! I Unfortunately  I did not have access to a horse.
  5. Number 5 is Inky from the popular arcade game from the 80s Pac-Man.
  6. Return of the Jedi was  blowing my 11 year old hair back and I think I was the only kid my age that liked the Ewoks.
  7. Last but not least is my humble homage to the perfect movie – Ghostbusters.

That’s it! It’s been a fun Inktober and Happy Halloween!



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#Inktober day 18 Humans of New York

Hi there!

Todays #Inktober inspiration is brought to you from Humans of New York.  This isn’t the first time that HONY moved me to draw something. This guy had a lot of questions and I couldn’t help noticing the poetic-ness of the boxes he was carrying.


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#Inktober Day 17! Jenna vs. The Nega-corn!! FIGHT!

On our drive to get dinner this evening I ask my wife what should I draw for todays inktober.

Jenna: Something with me!

Me: Doing what?

Jenna: Fighting a monster of some kind. But it has to be cute yet terrifying.

Me:… Wait, what? Are you using a weapon? (Wondering if she’s going to bare knuckle box this thing)

Jenna: Not sure. OOOHH! MAke it a monstrous  unicorn. I’ll sword fight a demon unicorn!


So….here we go; Jenna vs. Nega-Corn!



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#Inktober Day 16 – Koala-Shrew

I was pretty wiped today and couldn’t think of one thing to draw for the 16th. So I went to my good buddy Google and asked if there was such a thing as a random animal generator and lo and behold there is such a thing and it was more wonderful than I ever thought it would be.  Just go to the Random Animal Generator and have a blast. This might not be the last time I use this thing. So here you go Koala-Shrew!



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#Inktober day 14 & 15



Once again today is a twofer.  Yesterday I literally got it in at the buzzer so it was a little ant buddy. Quick and done and I even tried to be funny.

N.D.T. 1

Today I was catching up on my podcasts and one of my favorites is Star Talk with Neil Degrasse Tyson.

If  your not listening to this then what the hell are you listening to? I digress ( I Degrasse?  Wow, a digression within a digression.)

During  his interview with Joe Rogan,  Joe was heaping praise upon praise to him and he humbly deferred by saying that all he does is part the curtain so that our own inherent curiosity would lead us farther into knowledge.

The imagery stuck!



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#Inktober Day 12 and 13

Hello, Hello!


Today is a twofer. I forgot to post yesterday on my blog, but I did add it to my other social media. But it doesn’t count until it’s added to my blog!

I like to think that this is the behind the music portion of the illustration.  Unfortunately there isn’t much  behind these two other than I like fall and these are two iconic images that I associate with it. The spine tingly creepy part of October  along  with the warm colors (with inktober you have to imagine the oranges, yellow s, reds and greens).

For as long as I can remember autumn has been my favorite season. It’s like summers last gasp and it goes out in spectacular fashion.

So here is Jack and Crooow!\

jack o lantern                   scarecrow

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#Inktober Day 11. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Hello! Salutations! Hola! Holla!

The TMNT were have a special place in my heart as it represented the first time that I met someone else who collected comics.  Jeremy not only introduced me to skate boarding culture and music, but he also had the original run of the Ninja Turtles and that included the now unattainable issues #1-4. The trusting fool even let me borrow and read them. Eastman and Lairds imagery hit me hard and none more so than the  turtle with the bow staff- Donatello.


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#Inktober Day 10. Stargoyle!

Today’s Inktober is Blackee Greens right hand man Stargoyle from”Nerd Poker with Brian Posehn and friends.”

Today’s podcast a fan sent them a toy Stargoyle and I wanted to draw him out before I saw hers to see how close my  interpretation was.  Hopefully I didn’t just tap out my inker with this one.



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