The Lil’ ‘Vengers Saturday!

Last Saturday while helping family move, I had a little bit of a scare. I sliced my hand on a metal bed frame while unwisely using it as an ice pick. In case your running outside to do just that let me first tell you that this is a bad idea. 1. It has no gripping point and 2. Ice is slippery. So I spent the remainder of the day getting my hand stitched up. As Jenna and I laughed about later; this was one way of getting out of helping her brother move. Akin to a coyote chewing off its paw to escape a bear trap.

Thank goodness this did not cut deep enough to stop the ole drawing hand and I took advantage of this bit of downtime to finish  a couple projects I’ve been putting off.

This one started from me seeing a picture from my childhood in which I and my childhood friend Mark made our own hand made super hero costumes! Behold!


Thats me on the left rockin’ the Return of the Jedi t-shirt. Mark is fashionably wearing the head band and my younger step-brother Travis sportin’ the Spidey tee. Our mini schnauzer  Micah was investigating the beginnings of our Hero Headquarters. All it needed was the bed sheet from upstairs and it would be a perfect place to begin our campaign to punch bad guys in the head.

What an awesome way to spend a summer day. Bath towels became flowing capes! Snow gloves donned in summer became Power Gloves!  It was ok to wear your Underoos on the outside of your sweat pants this time! (Out of frame are my sweet moon boots. That’s right,years before Napoleon Dynamite.)

Ahh, childhood. No wonder I refused to grow up.

Now a days if I did this I would make people nervous. So, in retaliation to the strict social mores of this world we live in (Thanks Obama-care!!), I express this need through ART!

Without further ado, I present to you the costumes I would have made today if I was a 9 year old girl or boy who had just watched the Avengers.

IMG_1541    2014-01-14 17.58.30

IMG_1546  IMG_0037

2014-01-15 14.39.42  2014-01-15 15.56.37

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