And we’re back.

It’s been a busy few months with work really kicking off and summer activities and remodeling a freaking house (still not done) I have been neglectful of my poor little blog. Its just so easy to post it via Instagram or tumbler that I forget that I have a blog connected to my website. People might  actually look at and would like to collaborate on something cool. The other sites do that but they feel incidental. People who come here are actually looking for me, if they come at all. So, I have a whole slew of cool new drawings to share. I had a birthday and the lovely wife got me some copic markers so my drawings are now in vivid color and I am loving it. I know that I could make it look more polished using photo shop, but I there is something to laying down the color and not being able to take it back that is good for me. Its interesting to see the changes I have made to my art over the last year. So here they all are.

I always wanted to be a  Gargoyle and glide on the winds with Goliath and the gang.

Spaceman Spiff nails another 1 point landing!

The denizens of Super Mario World have a very different view of  Mario than the game makers would have you believe. This is where I started to use the ink markers and Prismacolors I had lying around.

Warlock from the New Mutants. Still using the Prismacolors and ink markers

The curse of the Mummy! Prismacolors and ink markers

Skeletor and his trademark myahhhs.

Cruella Deville, Cruella Deville. If Meth existed in France around the turn of the century she looks like she’d be into it. Prismacolors , ink markers and white charcoal pencil on toned tan paper

Drawing to pass the time at JFK waiting to go to LA for a week vacay. Joker dropping  a bom on ya’ll. Oops, did I just draw a bomb in an airport? The TSA are right behind me aren’t they?  Prismacolors , ink markers and white charcoal pencil on toned tan paper

Happy 4th of July Earth! Started on the 4th while on vacation.Prismacolors , ink markers and white charcoal pencil on toned tan paper

I’m not being morbid this was the sketch dailies asssignment. I drew my vision of death. A release from an overused vehicle. Prismacolors , ink markers and white charcoal pencil on toned tan paper


This was a fun one, I really love the new redesign on Batgirl, She actually looks like she could fight crime and not fall out of her costume. I have always loved the unorthodox and irreverence of Tank Girl. She’s the original honey badger. White charcoal and pencil on toned tan paper

Hogarth and the Iron Giant. I love these guys. White charcoal and pencil on toned tan paper

Hansel….so hot right now….Hansel. Prismacolors , ink markers and white charcoal pencil on toned tan paper

My version of Tigger. This was the first run with the Copic markers and I can already feel the difference. Also rocking the Pentel Pocket brush ink pen.

Krang. I still havent seen the new TMNT movie. I didn’t want to encourage  any more Michael Bay movies. Pentel pocket brush and Copic markers.

Splinter would drop Sergeant Bananas like a bad habit.  Pentel pocket brush and Copic markers.

Upgraded Metalhead. Pentel pocket brush and Copic markers.

Princess Leia would have made more sense to train as jedi. Pentel pocket brush and Copic markers.

Sharktopus. Because of reasons….


Mystique  when she first slunk onto the Marvel scene in the 80’s. As my wife pointed out I should have tweaked the perspective on the gun. Pentel pocket brush and Copic markers on tan toned paper.

As true Hellboy fans have pointed out, the Hand is on the wrong hand. But what they didn’t know is that I don’t care and just wanted to draw Hellboy and the pose I picked made it hard to see that cool metal fist. Pentel pocket brush and Copic markers on toned tan paper.

Nina Simones Pirate Jenny on the Black Freighter from the Three Penny Opera. Pentel pocket brush and Copic markers on toned tan paper

Jack and Zero. Pentel pocket brush and Copic markers on toned tan paper

Art Drop Day. Luckily one of the owners of the Comic Shop found it and gave it a good home. Pentel pocket brush and Copic markers

Doc Strange vs the Scourge of the woods Paul Bunyan. Send him back to hell on the ox he rode in on! Pentel pocket brush and Copic markers.

Space Invaders. Many a cold Ohio winter was spent playing this game as a kid. This is how I imagined it. Pentel pocket brush and Copic markers on toned tan paper

Portrait of my mom for her birthday.

Gandalf the Grey vs. the Vile Weed herself; Poison Ivy. Fight!! Pentel pocket brush and Copic markers.

Hermione Granger made a bad first impression on me, but she quickly grew to be one of my faves. Pentel pocket brush and Copic markers.

A Celtic nightmare coming to get ya. Kelpie aint nothing to f’ with. Pentel pocket brush and Copic markers on toned tan paper

Box Trolls! I’m looking forward to seeing this. Laika has not let me down yet.

Pentel pocket brush and Copic markers on toned tan paper

Space Ghost for the new Millenium. Pentel pocket brush and Copic markers on toned tan paper

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Part 2!

heres more!

IMG_3069 IMG_3064 IMG_3162 IMG_3159 IMG_3130 IMG_3116 IMG_3109 IMG_3074 IMG_3053 IMG_3045

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The last 4 months! (part 1)







I blame Instagram and tumbler for making me neglect my poor little blog (It’s just so easy to post from one.) . SO here we are because I want to keep this thing relevant. There is more to come and I promise not to not post here ever again.

eIMG_2724 IMG_2726 IMG_2742 2014-02-28 21.30.03 IMG_2753 2014-03-03 22.50.39 HDR-2 2014-03-04 22.05.16 2014-03-06 18.53.56 HDR-2 IMG_2790 IMG_2799 IMG_2862 IMG_2855 IMG_2823 IMG_2819 IMG_2810 2014-03-11 21.33.34 2014-04-08 21.11.45 2014-04-05 16.31.33 2014-04-02 21.53.17 2014-03-31 20.26.44 IMG_2882 IMG_2872 2014-04-20 01.14.44 2014-04-20 00.22.59 2014-04-15 12.08.51 2014-04-13 00.32.38 2014-04-11 23.12.33 2014-04-10 19.16.32

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#Sketch_Dailies @Sketch_Dailies today is a magical #Griffin….kind of.

They asked for a griffin. IN order to stand out from the artistic crowd (which is insanely awesome by the way. If you haven’t checked out the twitter feed for @sketch_dailies do your self a favor and go now!! ) I went a little obscure. It’ll make sense to the fans of the Back to the Future movies.

Griff Tannen ladies and gents.



The inspiration:


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Just in Case you have no Idea where the honey badger meme came from.

So here is where the whole honey badger thing got started. Enjoy!

There might also be some who have never seen Cape Fear. So, here:

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#Sketch_Dailies @Sketch_Dailies For Monday- The Honey Badger just don’t care!

This was from last Mondays sketch dailies. Work and freelance took all my free time and I wasn’t able to do any.  So if I had to pick one from last week  it would be that rat bastard the honey badger.

I don’t think the Cape Fear take on him has been done and I really wanted to see this as a reality. I giggled the whole time I drew this.

Honey Badger will smoke a cigar and laugh obnoxiously in a crowded movie theater! He just doesn’t care!!



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#sketch_dailies and go’-bless Robin ‘ood!

They post the new subjects  at 11am PST so I got one more to do before the day is out. I love using this toned tan paper. It makes everything look gorgeous! Thanks to Justin Leiter for introducing me to it.IMG_0042

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#Sketch_dailies – Joan of Arc

This is the first time in years I’ve used prismacolor to color anything. It was good to stay in practice because I’ve been leaning on Photoshop for a looong time.

IMG_0041_2                        joan_of_arc


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This is just a little preview of something I have in the works. It is definitely not yet ready for prime time but I like them so much I can’t help showing off a bit.


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The Lil’ ‘Vengers Saturday!

Last Saturday while helping family move, I had a little bit of a scare. I sliced my hand on a metal bed frame while unwisely using it as an ice pick. In case your running outside to do just that let me first tell you that this is a bad idea. 1. It has no gripping point and 2. Ice is slippery. So I spent the remainder of the day getting my hand stitched up. As Jenna and I laughed about later; this was one way of getting out of helping her brother move. Akin to a coyote chewing off its paw to escape a bear trap.

Thank goodness this did not cut deep enough to stop the ole drawing hand and I took advantage of this bit of downtime to finish  a couple projects I’ve been putting off.

This one started from me seeing a picture from my childhood in which I and my childhood friend Mark made our own hand made super hero costumes! Behold!


Thats me on the left rockin’ the Return of the Jedi t-shirt. Mark is fashionably wearing the head band and my younger step-brother Travis sportin’ the Spidey tee. Our mini schnauzer  Micah was investigating the beginnings of our Hero Headquarters. All it needed was the bed sheet from upstairs and it would be a perfect place to begin our campaign to punch bad guys in the head.

What an awesome way to spend a summer day. Bath towels became flowing capes! Snow gloves donned in summer became Power Gloves!  It was ok to wear your Underoos on the outside of your sweat pants this time! (Out of frame are my sweet moon boots. That’s right,years before Napoleon Dynamite.)

Ahh, childhood. No wonder I refused to grow up.

Now a days if I did this I would make people nervous. So, in retaliation to the strict social mores of this world we live in (Thanks Obama-care!!), I express this need through ART!

Without further ado, I present to you the costumes I would have made today if I was a 9 year old girl or boy who had just watched the Avengers.

IMG_1541    2014-01-14 17.58.30

IMG_1546  IMG_0037

2014-01-15 14.39.42  2014-01-15 15.56.37

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